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May 8, 2013


May 8 2013

The only way to keep people down is to remove them from their curiosity. This is extremely difficult. Humans are natural, organic, problem-solving creatures who take data from their environment and challenge it, test it, modify it, destroy and remake it, to solve problems, all day, every day, until they die. This is their nature.

BUT, it is possible. It is possible to get between people and their nature. And if you can achieve this separation; that is, if you can convince a population that there is nothing interesting about what they care about inherently; that the random stream of minutiae that crosses the consciousness of a sentient being is to be regarded as irrelevant; that what SHOULD be addressed are the means of production and consumption only, well then you would have something.


You would have a work force ready to produce and consume on demand, unquestioning, and highly manageable.

We have such a system in place already.

It is functioning better than predicted.

It is called the Los Angeles Unified School District.



The photo is of an unnamed building off of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. It is blurry and turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Wanna know more?